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Mountainfilm Intro 

7:00 PM start time



2016 USA / Duration:  Minutes

Directed by: Alex Gorosh, Wylie Overstreet

Look at any picture of the solar system and it seems that everything is relatively close together - the moon an inch or two away from Earth, Mars a little over an inch away from the moon and so on. But posters and websites betray the truth: Things are much, much farther apart.  In an attempt to give Earthlings a new perspective of the universe, filmmakers Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh head to the Black Rock Desert to build the first to-scale model of the solar system. 


2015 USA / Duration: 15 Minutes

Directed by: Danny Schmidt

After meeting the challenge of documenting the melting of the global ice pack, which culminated in the feature-length film Chasing Ice that screened at Mountainfilm in 2012, photographer James Balog is back as the narrator of the short documentary Message in a Bottle. This time Balog is “chasing” air. Of course rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere can’t be documented photographically the way that melting glaciers can be, so Message in a Bottle documents how science conducts atmospheric measurements instead. 


E.O. Wilson: Of Ants and Men

2015 USA / Duration: 92 Minutes

Directed by: Shelley Schulze


He coined the term “biodiversity.” Created an entire field of science. Sparked a new understanding of social species and what it means to be human. Became a legendary professor of entomology and champion of conservation. And, after studying the natural world for his 70-year career, he’s still introducing ideas that provoke both acclaim and criticism. E.O. Wilson is also an endearing Southern gentleman with an insatiable curiosity and delight in nature that hasn’t ebbed an iota during his nine decades on Earth. The film explores the extraordinary life of a man who has spent a lifetime understanding insect behavior while also witnessing staggering environmental destruction and loss of species. Along the way, he’s gleaned insight into the human condition and somehow retained unbending optimism about the future.


Mountainfilm Intro 

7:00 PM start time



2016 Nepal / Duration: 13 Minutes

Directed by: Sean Kusanagi


Wasfia Nazreen doesn't just climb for the thrill; she climbs for a cause. The first Bangladeshi to scale the Seven Summits, Wasfia has made it her purpose to brave these climbs for the sake of something larger - for the women of Bangladesh. Lyrical and poetic, this short documentary is a reflective character portrait that takes us from the depths of Wasfia's struggles to the highest peaks on the planet, as we explore what it means to pursue the unknown.


2016 USA / Duration: 10 Minutes

Directed by: Vincent DeLuca

Since the inception of the Los Angeles marathon in 1986, 178 runners have completed every race. They’re called “Legacy Runners.” Johnnie Jameson is a member of this special group, but he’s not an elite runner: He’s a working man, a postal employee. But what he lacks in speed, he makes up in creativity. He ran his first marathon backward, finishing in last place. He dribbled a basketball the next year. Each race, wearing his signature Payless shoes, he stops and talks and takes his sweet time.


2016 USA / Duration: 10 Minutes

Directed by: Darren Durlach, Dave Larson

Growing up in East Baltimore surrounded by poverty and violence is hard enough, and Coffin Nachtmahr had the added challenge of being different. He stutters. He never quite fit in, and he was picked on. Then he discovered a lifeline in the unlikeliest of pursuits: yo-yoing. In the subculture of “throwers,” he found purpose, acceptance and community. Today, Coffin is the city’s best, transforming the simple activity of yo-yoing into a transfixing dance of creativity, innovation and connection.


2016 USA / Duration: 12 Minutes

Directed by: Anson Fogel


Understanding that his life was threaded with risk, climber and BASE jumper Matt Blank embarked on a project: writing letters to his closest friends and family to let them know how much they meant to him. That way, he figured, if his life were cut short he’d leave something behind to express his affection. What he didn’t expect was that one of the recipients — his best friend and longtime climbing partner Ian Flanders — would go first. When We Were Knights, an elegiac film by Anson Fogel, explores friendship, partnership, adventure and the many iterations of love that give meaning to our lives. 


2016 USA / Duration: 7 Minutes

Directed by: Wes Coughlin

Matthias Giraud — aka Super Frenchie — is a pro skier and BASE jumper who was the first person to ski BASE the Matterhorn. Six years ago, he skied off of Ingram Peak in Telluride and returned to do the same on the Heavens Eleven in 2016. The line, which can be seen from the top of Lift 9, features a narrow, rocky, hairy descent, made even more so when the egress of choice is flying. Local filmmaker Brett Schreckengost worked on this film and local skier Herb Manning guided Giraud into the Elevens.


2015 USA / Duration: 4 Minutes

Directed by: Teton Gravity Research

In 2015, Angel Collinson won the award for the Best Female Freeride Performance at the Intern­ational Freeskiing Film Festival. It’s not hard to see why: She’s fast, fierce and can send it with the best of them. The spines of Alaska don’t stand a chance against her. 


2015 USA / Duration: 8 Minutes

Directed by: Skip Armstrong

The vision came to Krystle Wright in a dream: a bird’s-eye view of BASE jumpers in flight over a stark desert landscape. When she awoke, the adventure photographer resolved to make that vision into reality. And with that, the dream turned into an obsession - one that led her on a 4 year journey of failed attempts, uncooperative weather, disappointments and inward examination. The Mysteries; follows a tenacious, and perhaps crazy, quest to chase down an elusive image and provides a glimpse into the kind of singular passion that drives people to reach their goals, regardless of what stands in the way.


2016 ICELAND / Duration: 18 Minutes

Directed by: RC Cone

Iceland is an island in the very north Atlantic where the wind is unpredictable at best, where perfect waves are almost as rare as albino elephants and where frigid temps require a full wetsuit arsenal.  In other words, being a surfer in Iceland requires a particular mix of hardiness, patience, passion and insanity. And more than anything, it requires befriending that mercurial, capricious, wildly drunken and occasionally benevolent wind. 


2016 USA / Duration: 25 Minutes

Directed by: Ryan Peterson


Proponents of a plan to construct a $5.2-billion mega-dam on Alaska’s Susitna River say it wouldn’t affect the watershed’s famous salmon runs because the site would be 184 miles upstream from where fish usually swim. Tell that to Super Salmon, one particularly determined king salmon that swam more than 300 miles, dodging hungry seals from Cook Inlet to the Susitna’s icy headwaters. The Super Salmon highlights the tale of one fish to illustrate the importance of the river to the area’s wildlife, tourism, economy and lifestyle. Told by passionate and animated Talkeetna fisherman and activist Mike Wood, the story examines the potential consequences of constructing an enormous and outdated technology to meet Alaska’s need for renewable energy.



2016 France / Duration: 5 Minutes

Directed by: Candide Thovex

A manhunt is underway in the Alps to arrest French skier Candide Thovex. His crime? Where do we start? Dude skis over a helicopter, into camera vans, hits trees, interrupts races and busts through barns. In One of those Days 3, he takes his POV delinquency to new limits.