Mountainfilm in Telluride is a 37 year old documentary film festival that takes place every Memorial Day weekend in Telluride, Colorado.  Mountainfilm is also explained by its motto, "Celebrating Indomitable Spirit," which could be paraphrased as celebrating unimaginable triumphs in human society and  nature.  The stories told through film involve the human spirit showing actions people take to overcome barriers or make a difference for others.. Its fame has spread worldwide, and consequently it has developed a Mountainfilm on Tour program which has reached over 40,000 people in over 100 locations on 5 continents. Mountainfilm uses the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world.  We are a dynamic organization and festival of films, people, stories, and ideas that celebrates indomitable spirit, educates and inspires audiences, and motivates individuals and communities to advance solutions for a livable world.



2020 marks the FORTH year of Mountainfilm on Tour in Miami. Spearheading the effort has been the DESIGN firm [STRANG], which operates OFFICES IN MIAMI, FORT LAUDERDALE and SARASOTA.
"The Kampong was again selected as the venue due to its cultural significance and shared educational mission", says Max Strang, Chairman of MountainfilmMIA Incorporated.   Located on the shores of Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove, The Kampong is the historical home of botanist David Fairchild and the National Tropical Botanical Garden's only garden outside of Hawaii.  Recently it was announced that Florida International University and the National Tropical Botanical Garden have joined forces to create the International Center for Tropical Botany (ICTB) at The Kampong.  The ICTB will lead efforts to preserve and study tropical plants for future generations.  "Today, our scientists lead the way in our management of tropical plant resources and protecting the biodiversity of the planet," says FIU Provost Kenneth Furton.  "This center serves to further their reach to create greater understandings and stewardship of these resources that we use for food, medicine and so much more.".

MountainfilmMIA Incorporated is a Florida Non-Profit formed in 2015 exclusively for the purpose of the coordination and hosting of Mountainfilm on Tour in Miami, Florida.  
MountainfilmMIA Incorporated is exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and contributions to MountainfilmMIA Incorporated are deductible pursuant to Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.


With the support of our community, Mountainfilm on Tour - Miami will invite students to  watch award-winning and educational films.  “Movies that Matter” expose students to salient environmental issues, open windows into different cultures, and demonstrate the dichotomous idea of mankind’s diverse and global interconnectedness to the planet.  Incorporating this type of  “bigger- picture” education produces better-informed and more responsible citizens.
School-age children are the most important audience we can possibly reach.  And, it is up to us to try to get our uniquely inspiring content in front of them because they may, otherwise, never experience it.  By promoting environmental and cultural awareness, “Movies that Matter” encourages our youth to become responsible and informed citizens.  The films and Q&A sessions foster an environment of critical thinking.  The messages inspire and invite students to engage in discussions and ask questions about their world and their generation’s role in shaping the future. The “ Movies that Matter “ program delivers an empowering message:  we all play a role in shaping the future and yes, their voices indeed “matter.”



Education is a primary element of Mountainfilm on Tour in Miami’s mission.  In addition to providing the local community with singular access to films on critical contemporary issues, more deliberately, and in a much more structured way, Mountainfilm reaches out to school-age audiences with its educational outreach program, “Movies that Matter.”  As a Mountainfilm on Tour host, Mountainfilm in Miami works in collaboration with the local  schools to participate in “Movies that Matter” education outreach program.  Tamara Strang is coordinating the educational component of Telluride Mountainfilm On Tour MIAMI.   For more information or to inquire about requesting screenings at your school, please contact admin@mountainfilmmiami.org
“Movies that Matter” selects award-winning documentary films from Mountainfilm’s world-class event for the purpose of inspiring and educating school-age children.  These films expand young people’s worldview by revealing cultures worth exploring, environments worth sustaining, and ideas worth promoting.  Many of the documentaries raise awareness about the environment, demonstrating how mankind’s well being hinges on our planet’s well being.  For example, a film might show how the disappearance of honeybees profoundly impacts our food supply: “no bees, no plants, no plants, no food, no humans.”  “Movies that Matter” reveals the many remarkable ways our planet takes care of us; the program empowers students to become stewards of environments by demonstrating how we, in turn, can and should take care of our planet.